How to Play & Rules

Every Manhunt game is played within a specific area of the city, the borders of which selected at the beginning of every game. At the start — during “king counter” — one player is selected as the Hunter, while the rest begin as Fugitives. Each time a hunter catches a fugitive, that person joins the hunter(s) in chasing the rest of the fugitives. As the game progresses, more and more fugitives become hunters, as they are caught. The game ends when either a) one fugitive remains at large; b) everyone is caught; or c) the time limit has run out. Each game takes approximately 45 minutes, though sometimes they finished as quickly as 30 minutes or last an hour.

Here are some general rules and guidelines Toronto Manhunters abide by:

1. All fugitives must remain within the boundaries at all times. If they go out of bounds by crossing the borders, they automatically become hunters. The boundaries of an area include the inside to center line of a street, but not the other side of the boundary street. So, for instance, if the street in question has a yellow line dividing traffic, you cannot cross that yellow line; if the street has a concrete divider, you can’t corss that; etc.

2. No hiding. To elaborate, this means do not climb a tree, jump into a dumpster, or hide in a bush for the entire game. We’ve discovered that it makes the game incredibly boring for the person hiding, and isn’t interesting for hunters. Winning just isn’t worth it. This does not mean that you can’t find good hiding places, but that the game works much better if everyone roves, or stays on the move; we usually say 5 minutes tops per hiding place, unless you’re being pinned down by persistent or nearby hunters. This rule is strictly enforced during competitive games. Hiding, or suspicion thereof, results in disqualification from points for the game.

3. Deception is a perfectly okay tactic. You can catch people by pretending to be a fugitive, and avoid being caught by faking hunter-dom. If you can pull it off.

4. Since Manhunt operates in the grey area between public space and trespassing (which sometimes aren’t mutually exclusive!), we tell our players that, while trespassing is against the law, it isn’t against the rules per se. We let each hunter make their own decisions as to what they’re comfortable doing.

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