Past Organizers
Matt Collins (Founder) 2003-2006

Brian McLachlan 2006-2008

Kalin S. 2008-2011

Jack C. 2008-2010

Derek J 2008-2011

Jasmin L. 2009-2010

Mike K. 2009-present

Sajjad 2009-2010

Mia M. 2010

A. Fletcher 2010

Miroslav G. 2010-present

Ian M. 2011-present

Animal Mascots
Every manhunt has an animal mascot. They are as follows:

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Lynx Attack

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – Owl Swooping
Halifax, NS, Canada – Lemur Attack
Ljubljana, Slovenia – Caveman Attack?
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada – Turkey Attack
Warsaw, Poland – Turtle Attack
Vancouver, BC, Canada – Bear Attack
Victoria, BC, Canada – Bunny Attack

Bath, UK – Mountain Goat Scaling
Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Wolf Attack
Perth, Australia – ?
Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada – Zombie Attack


One Response to “History”

  1. Montreal was bears and Vancouver was wolves (last time I checked, which was, admittedly, a million years ago).

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