Experimental Games & Variants

During our experimental game nights, we play favourite not-quite-Manhunt variant games and try out new options. Here are some of the versions we play:


Everyone is a hunter except one person. Everyone chases this person, who has to evade capture for as long as possible (the record is like a minute and a half). The hunter who catches her is the next one “it.”

Can be play with points: The fugitive is given pieces of paper (or some other item) that can be handed to someone who tags them. Each piece of paper or item is worth ONE point. Hunters get points by capturing the freed person as many time as possible within the time limit. The fugitive gets a point for each person who doesn’t not capture them at least once during the game.


Everyone writes their names on a piece of paper. Names are distributed anonymously (but, crucially, in sequential order!), one each to other players. Each person must tag the person listed on their piece of paper during the game. Once tagged, you must give your piece of paper to the person who tagged you. That person must then tag the person on that piece of paper. The person with the most captures (pieces of papers) at the end of the game wins.


Two teams, Hunters and Hunted. Hunters have a base/jail where captured players are brought. These players can only escape is tagged by a free member of their own Hunted team. Point for each uncaught player at end of timelimit. Switch roles and play again. Winning team has the most points.

4. HUNTING SQUAD MANHUNT (idea courtesy of Manhunt Victoria):

Another team game. The game proceeds normally, except two players start off as hunters. Each player has a different squad, (or colour – eg. team red and team blue). When fugitives are caught, they join the hunting squad that caught them. The two teams compete for who gains the most members by the end of the game. The squad with the most hunters by the end wins.


Another team game. In this version, one team is the Traveling team, while the other is the Guardian team. The object of this variant for the Travelers is to get from Point A to Point B, staying within a set boundary. The objects for the Guardians is to protect that zone by catching Travelers before they can reach it. Travelers who are caught have to return to their starting location (Point A), and start over. The Travelers win if they can get a critical mass (say, 50% of their team) to the destination before the end of a time limit. The Guardians win if they hold them off until time is up.


One person is hunter. This game is just like regular manhunt, except there exists a second objective: obtaining the flag (if you are free) or guarding it (if you are the hunter). The winner is whoever capture the flag within the time limit.


You know the drill.

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